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As part of the club's response to COVID-19 there are a number of new rules and regulations in place

The status of the rules and regulations will be reviewed on a regular basis and the club stance adjusted accordingly

When you arrive...

  • Club opening hours have been revised.  Please see our 'Contact' page

  • Please ensure you allow people to leave via the exit before you enter

  • Maintain social distancing at all times

  • Once the club is full you will not be permitted to enter.  The Committee and Bar Staff have the final say

  • You will need to log your attendance with us using either the NHS QR Code or the existing paper logging system.  The club will display its unique NHS QR Code at the entrance to the club.  The NHS QR Code can used by downloading the NHS COVID-19 Track and Trace App. (available for Android and IOS platforms)

  • Enjoy your time with us!

Whilst playing snooker...

  • Only tables one and three are in use

  • Lighting tokens are in use and can be purchased from the bar

  • All snooker equipment will be sanitised after each session

  • Face coverings do not need to be worn whilst in the snooker hall

Whilst in the Club...

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided to sanitise your hands

  • Face coverings must be worn when moving around the club i.e. when you enter or exit of when using the lavatories.  Face coverings can be removed whilst you are seated

  • Bar tables have been set up to permit social distancing, please do not move any tables or chairs from their preassigned location.  We have:

    • Tables for two households​ of any size

    • Tables for more than two households (up to six)

  • Drinks orders will be taken by Bar Staff at your table.  Please do not approach the bar at any time

  • Wherever possible please use cashless payment

  • Drinks will be bought to your table

  • Only one person allowed in each of the toilets at a time which must be sanitised after use

  • Please use the one way system when walking around the club

  • Use the new smoking area to the rear of the Army Cadet building.  The veranda is now to be used for drinking purposes

  • The use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices is not permitted inside the building

  • Face coverings must be worn whilst playing pool

When you Depart...

  • Depart via the one way system in place

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